Mercedes Air Conditioning Service Madison Mississippi

Mercedes Air Conditioning Service Madison Mississippi. Complete Mercedes Benz repair, service and maintenance for Madison, Canton and Jackson MS.

Mercedes Air conditioning service to keep you cool this summer.

Mercedes Air Conditioning Service to keep your car’s interior under control. So you can keep cool this summer. Let our Mercedes Benz factory trained Master Technician look your car over. Just to make sure everything is working up to factory specification. That can help you stay safe and secure on the road. No matter where you travel. 

IS IT IMPORTANT - to keep your Mercedes air conditioning service up to date and current?

Mercedes air conditioning service for Madison and Canton MS.

Once you see our new, full service auto repair shop, you will understand that Madison Motor Werks is serious about Mercedes Benz service and repair. You and your car will both be treated with professionalism and respect. Just as it should be for a World Class Car Owner.

You bet it is. Why? Because a simple thing like a freon leak could cost you a couple thousand dollars.

How could that be? Because the freon in your Mercedes carries the condenser lubricant. If the freon leaks out two things happen.

1) You immediately lose the cooling ability of your AC system.

2) But there is a much larger problem. You also lose the lubrication that keeps the condenser running properly.

Once the freon leaks out, it is only a matter of time before the condenser is destroyed due to lack of lubrication. And that can cost you a thousand dollars or more to replace.

SO, WHAT SHOULD I DO? The minute you feel that your Mercedes AC system starts to blow warm air, TURN THE AIR CONDITIONER OFF!

Then, bring your car in immediately for a Mercedes air conditioning service inspection. Chances are good that all you will need is a leak repair and new freon added to your AC system.

KEEP THIS PRINCIPLE IN MIND! The simple fact is this. Auto repair is expensive. Auto maintenance is cheap.

Why is this statement true? Because servicing and maintaining automotive systems on your car, keeps that system running like new.

Checking performance, changing fluids and a little tweak here and there. These simple procedures can allow you to keep those parts and systems reliable. Yes – almost as if they were brand new parts working perfectly.

You can get years and years of perfect performance from you Mercedes Benz systems if you just keep up with the maintenance and inspections.

HOWEVER! If you wait until a part or system fails and breaks down, it can cost you as much as 8 times more. Why? Because you have to purchase new parts, have the old parts taken off and then – the new parts installed.

To save big money on car expenses the most important thing you can do is:

  1. Come in every 5,000 miles for your synthetic oil change.
  2. Let us perform our free car inspection to check every system on your car.
  3. You will get a car condition report so you will know exactly what is good and what needs some attention.
  4. You then, can make a knowledgeable decision. The decision that is right for you and will fit your budget.
  5. By keeping up with your scheduled maintenance and catching problems before they start.
  6. You can have that “New Car Feeling” for many years to come.
  7. Just by keeping up with your Mercedes oil change and simple maintenance.

So – The next time your Mercedes needs an oil change, why not bring it to Madison Motor Werks? We will give you a FREE car inspection to make sure that everything is working properly. And A Mercedes Air Conditioning Service inspection as well.

Madison MS Mercedes AC Service.

Come and see our beautiful new repair facility. You will be treated with friendly, respectful attention and your Mercedes serviced to perfection.

Madison Motor Works For German Car Repair, Service and Maintenance.Madison Motor Werks
Complete Auto Repair, Service and Maintenance for Mercedes Benz Motorcars.

The Quality You Expect – At Prices That Make Sense.
Mercedes Air Conditioning Service, For Madison, Canton, Jackson MS
176 American Way Madison, MS 39110
Phone: 607-853-2277.
Shop Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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